Mission Statement

The purpose of the EANL is to:

• Promote international understanding of the interface between neuroscience, behavioural genetics and the law;
• Survey the actual and current, and likely use of neuroscientific, behavioural genetic and neurogenomic techniques before the European Courts and in investigative activities;
• Evaluate current practice and identify best practice;
• Serve as a repository of information for members;
• Promote and conduct interdisciplinary research in the area of neuroscience, behavioural genetics and law;
• Disseminate the results to the public and to legal practitioners (judges, lawyers and
legal scholars)
• Influence the development of policy in behavioural sciences and the law.

The main activities of the Association are going to be:

a) Collecting information about the use of neuroscientific, behavioural genetic and neurogenetic evidence through questionnaires and direct contacts
b) Conduct interdisciplinary research in the area of neurolaw
c) Creating and implementing an archive of cases and materials on NeuroLaw
d) Organizing workshops and meetings
e) Organizing courses and divulgation activities

Membership of the Association is not limited to those living and working in Europe but rather the name reflects the fact that the society is based within Europe. The Association welcomes members from a number of backgrounds including lawyers, members of the legal professions and the judiciary, scientists using advanced technology, particularly in the fields of neuroimaging and behavioural genetics in particular those involved in brain imaging and neurogenomics, those who are interested in forensic psychiatry and psychology, policy makers and medical practitioners.


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